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The Importance Of Proper Roofing Installations: Avoiding Costly Mistakes

Sean Levine  |  July 18, 2023  |   |  No Comments

Now that you’ve narrowed down your choices on the ideal roofing materials, and shape of the roof, quality installation is all that is left to ensure your efforts don’t end up in regrets. The roof installation process will place a huge role in determining the longevity and performance of your roof, and it's not something you'd want to entrust in the hands of incompetent or inexperienced roofers. Opting for reputable and highly experienced roofing contractors means you don't have to deal with poor workmanship and costly repairs to fix errors resulting from improper roofing installation.

Why So Important?

  • Peace of Mind

Nothing beats feeling relaxed after a roof repair or replacement project, knowing fully well that you employed competent hands and got the best services. Proper roof installation ensures that your roof protects your home effectively, and you won’t have to worry about unexpected roofing issues and expensive repairs. A correctly installed roof also has a better chance of reaching its lifespan because issues like inadequate flashing, incorrect installation of shingles, improper sealing and other errors that could cause premature roof failure will be avoided entirely.

  • Cost Effectiveness

The idea of opting for experienced contractors for your roof installation might look like an expensive option, but it always turns out to be a cost-effective decision. Settling for a fly-by-night contractor will help you save money at first, but in the long run, you will find yourself shelling out thousands of dollars after every heavy storm to fix the countless issues resulting from roof installation errors. And if things go haywire, you could be faced with another roof replacement much sooner than anticipated.

  • Safety of Things Under the Roof

Improper roof installation is the easiest way to shorten your roof’s lifespan; it still goes further to put things beneath your roof in danger. Roof installation mistakes expose your roof to water damage, and when water penetrates your home, everything from the ceiling to the walls, furniture, documents, and other belongings is in jeopardy. Things could go from bad to worse if you still resort to inexperienced contractors to fix the errors from improper roof installation.

  • Manufacturer Warranty Compliance

The last thing you’d want as a homeowner is to lose manufacturer warranties. Typical of new products, most roofing materials have manufacturer warranties contingent upon the roof’s installation. Manufacturers often specify installation guidelines and requirements, and if your roofer doesn't follow these specifications, the warranty can be void. To ensure that any future warranty claim is valid, you need a proven roof contractor who can abide by the manufacturer's guidelines during installation.

Common Mistakes Roofing Contractors Make

While needing more advanced skills can be the primary reason many roofers make mistakes, the absence of hands-on experience is also a key factor. If a skilled roofer hasn't worked extensively on complex roofing systems and with certain types of roofing materials, the tendency of installation errors increases. Here are some common mistakes roofers make during roof installation.

  • Absurd Nailing Techniques

When it comes to nailing shingles into place, roofers must employ proper techniques to ensure the shingles don’t lift, no matter what. However, some roofers often fail to follow the guidelines for effective nail placement and even default on the correct number of nails as prescribed by the manufacturer.

  • Neglecting Manufacturer’s Guidelines for Installation

As absurd as it sounds, some roofers overlook manufacturer requirements, specifications and guidelines for installation. This leads to subpar installation techniques like incorrect placement of shingles, improper fastening, insufficient flashing and inadequate waterproofing. Aside from compromising the integrity and performance of the roof, these issues can also void the manufacturer's warranties.

  • Inadequate Cleanup

It’s your contractor’s responsibility to clear all the debris, nails, and other materials after the completion of a roofing project. Sometimes, roofing contractors don't do an proper cleanup, making the environment unsafe for homeowners.

  • Ignoring safety measures

Roofing can be hazardous, especially when it has to do with pitched roofs. Some contractors fail to prioritize safety by not following safety protocols. This could lead to severe construction accidents, which puts the homeowner in a fix.

  • Neglecting Ventilation

Contractors who do not understand the importance of proper attic ventilation and how it prevents the premature deterioration of a roof are likely to make costly mistakes during installation.

  • Improper Documentation

A common mistake among roofers is the failure to present homeowners with detailed contracts, warranties, and documentation showing the scope of the work to be performed, materials used and warranty terms to avoid confusion and potential disputes.

How Every Homeowner Can Ensure Excellent Roof Installation

As a homeowner who wants the most trusted hands for all your roofing projects and the best value for money, here is how to get the right roofer.

  • Hire Experienced and Reputable Roofing Contractors

Always make out time to do proper research before choosing a roofing contractor. Don’t hire simply because someone recommended them. Look out for experience, positive reviews and professionalism.

  • Check References and Past Work

One clever way to assess your potential contractor is to request references and reach out to previous clients. You want to hire a contractor with stellar customer reviews and a proven track record of quality workmanship.

  • Confirm Licenses, Insurance, and Manufacturer Certifications

Verify that the contractor has the required licenses and insurance to work in your area. Also, check for certifications showing that a contractor is qualified to install certain roofing materials.


Whether it is your new home, a commercial property, or you are carrying out a serious makeover, you need professionals who can guarantee peace of mind and the assurance that your investments are well-protected. We’ve been installing and maintaining all types of roofs effectively for the past decade, and we’ve had numerous homeowners turn to us to clean up problems resulting from poor installation jobs.

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