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Everybody who develops his house always wants the elevation to look as good as the whole house inside is. The elevation is the first impression of the house and people who are looking to buy these house always want the home to an amazing piece of art from outside. The house whose elevation is not appealing, people generally do not consider buying it. The elevation of the house involves the façade and the roof. It depends on the type of place the house is constructed in.

A place where the temperature remains low, people generally consider making roofs of the house sloppy to allow the snow to slide down easily. Apart from this factor, another factor that is involved when designing the house is culture of the country where house is being constructed. If culture does not involve the sloppy roofs, then one house will look an odd man out of all in the whole community. It does not matter where the house is constructed, everyone wants his house to look the most elegant in whole community and the most important factor that plays role in this design of the roof.

After the house has been constructed, it is highly important to save it from the environmental factors to affect its beauty. Not only beauty, to make it long lasting special treatments have to be done in order to make sure that roof does not leak in the rainy days and it does not get hot during the sunny days. Both these climate factors shouldn’t affect the indoor temperature of the house to large extent. Otherwise, the purpose of building a house is not served.

We recommend and discuss certain products that you can use to make sure that your roof looks elegant as well as it is kept safe from other environmental factors which can affect its durability.

  1. Awaplan

A chemical that is reinforced with a non-woven polyester mat saturated with asphalt and coated on both sides with SBS modified bitumen and surfaced with granules to protect from ultraviolet degradation. It is recommended to keep and store such products in safe and dry location. They are generally available in the roll form and are required to be kept in moderate temperature area where temperature is not too high and it is not too low.

It is never used in wet conditions and when it is applied, unroll them on the roof and allow the sun to relax them. It is a limited time warranty product because of the fact that low slope roof products usually are exposed to nature and aging factor is affected by such conditions.

  1. SA Base and Cap

It is self-adhering SBS modified roofing system that allows the easy installation on low-sloped roofing applications. It requires the special instructions to be followed while spreading them on the roof because failing to do so will never allow the perfect insulation of the roof.

  1. Versa base

It consists of TAMKO fiberglass on both sides with SBS modified asphalt. According to real contractors, TAMKO is the most trusted flat roof material manufacturer. If you want to give your roof a royal treatment, we definitely would choose TAMKO if the product matches your structure. It is applied with hot asphalt or can be applied with approved cold adhesive. Refer to the datasheet to see application instructions.

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