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Installing a new roof or renovating an older one requires some research. A very common roofing material in United States is roof shingles. The quality, strength, price details and most importantly warranty is a matter of concern for consumers as well as for sellers around the country. The range of variety and brands of shingles is quite vast. When we start looking at different roof shingles there is quite a long list and every manufacturer has something different to offer.

Roof shingles vary according to their types i.e., Asphalt, Aluminum, Cedar, Roll roofing, metal, slate etc., their durability, resistance to temperature or environmental conditions, and the brands. Some of the top rated manufacturers include GAF, Tamko, Atlas roofing corporation, Owens corning, Malarkey and many more.


GAF, founded in 1886, has become North America’s largest manufacturer of commercial and residential roofing. The company promises pursuit of quality and comprehensive GAF roofing solutions. GAF has been rated #1 in shingles quality by home builders and received multiple Builder’s Choice awards. The lifetime shingles available at GAF include timberline shingles (not only provide protection but also beautify your home) and designer shingles (a triple layer design that gives the roof ultra-dimensional and highly desirable look). They offer the “base system warranty” which is 10 years while the better and best system warranties are for 50 years that also includes the cost of installation labor.


Owens Corning provides 9 types of roofing materials which includes Asphalt shingles (best for waterproofing) and architectural shingles (ultra-dimensional wood shake look). They offer standard product and total protection roofing system limited warranties i.e., 10-15 years. Not only this but Owens also provides exclusive warranties to contractor network members which is 15-50 years long. 74% of customers recommend Owens roofing shingle and out of 67 reviews 45 are very satisfied with this brand.


Tamko offers residential roofing and shingles products including Asphalt shingles and steel shingles (less expensive than asphalt and reflects heat away from the building in summertime).  Tamko provides different warranties for different shingle products such as Elite glass seal- 5 years, Heritage Woodgate- 15 years, Heritage premium and heritage Vintage- 20 years.


The CertainTeed Corporation in North America carries more than 300 roofing options. They are knows for Landmark shingles, architectural laminate roofing shingle (designed to replicate cedar shingles) and  Patriot shingles (which mimic the depth of multi-layered architectural shingles. CertainTeed offers a warranty of 10-40 years.

With so many options and varieties available, selecting the best shingle scan be quite a tough task. The main factors that must be kept in mind while making a shingle purchasing decision are composition, durability, shape and color, and characteristics (insulation, waterproof, temperature resistant etc.). Determine the cost, decide on warranty, choose the type/color and keep in mind your local climate when picking the right shingles. All these factors are good enough to get your roof ready and make it look like exactly how you want it. If choosing the right shingle sounds way to overwhelming to you, do not worry, just speak to a trusted professional roofing contractor and let them decide for you.

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