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Roofing Styles: From Shingle To Mansard & Saltbox

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Different types of roofs offer homeowners and business owners’ distinct advantages depending on the house design, budget and maintenance expectations.

Roofs are a major component of any home. It is in this context that most architects and engineers tend to put extra effort on this part of the building. With improved technology, there are many varieties of roofs to choose from. For example, there are traditional thatched roofs and ultra-modern architectural roofs. The roof design is strongly dependent on the building itself. For example, a cathedral roof is necessarily different from the roof of a residential apartment. Similarly, the roof of a skyscraper will certainly be different from that of a seaside resort. However, all roofs have the same goal. There are many types of cover styles that can meet your needs. Some of them are modern while others have an old design. Here are some of the different roof styles you can choose.


Shingle roofs are wonderful in many ways, but they can be damaged by high winds, rain, hail or other wear and tear that occurs on most residential roofs over time. If you are missing shingles, if you have bald patches or streaks on the roof of your shingle, call a specialist for a quick and efficient roof repair. You may or may not have roof leaks yet, but your home may still be exposed to water damage, which can become serious quickly.

If you are unsure that your roof needs repair, simply schedule an inspection with a credible local roofing company so your roof can be thoroughly checked to make sure it does not damage your home.

Shingle roofing is a versatile option that can include both a three-tab roof and high-end architectural shingles. Architectural shingles are also called dimensional shingles. Both are excellent options to protect your home. Most people associate roof shingles with three-legged style. It's more traditional and cheaper. On the other hand, architectural shingles are designed to give your roof a more "3D" appearance. In addition, because they cost a little more, they often include a longer warranty.


This originated from France. With this type of roof, you have at least four slopes, two on each side of the house. The slopes are divided between the upper slope and the lower slope. In this case, the lower slope is much steeper than the upper slope, thus preventing its exposure. This type of roof offers you a lot of space at the end of your house.

A mansard roof looks like a Gambrel roof in that each side of the roof has multiple slopes. However, the Gambrel roofs have only 2 sides, while the mansard roof has 4. Generally, dormers are installed on the lowest and steepest slopes of the roof to help the architecture of the roof and open the space to become livable. Having 2 slope gradients increases the usable space in the attic, which allows it to be used for storage or to be converted into additional living space.


This type of architectural design is rather interesting and very attractive to the eyes. This is interesting because the roof is longer on one side and shorter on the other. One side may have a high floor while the other side can reach two floors.

The saltbox roof is a design that has begun to create more space. It started with the addition of a pitched roof on the existing gable roof. Later, the construction of houses continued with the design of the roof already in place.

Two sloping panels connecting to the ridge characterize the nature of the roof of the saltbox. The two boards are however asymmetrical, one having a lower slope than the other. The Saltbox, also known as cat-slide, has gained popularity in Australia through its core functions.

The first saltbox houses were created when another shed was placed at the rear end of the house, extending the roof line. The cat-slide roof was adopted very quickly because of the simplicity of their design. The Saltbox shows a variation between the gable roof and the A-Frame roof.

However, the roofs of salt boxes reduce the attic and the room available in the partitioned area located under the eaves. The increase in roof space in portions increases the overall cost of construction.


It has some Dutch features in its design. The design is similar to the garret only in the case of the gambrel, it presents vertical betting risks that tend to hang in the face of the house.

Building a gambrel roof is simple and can be built with fewer materials than other types of roofs.

They also save space for living or storage without taking up extra yard space, which is perfect for extra bedrooms or even for a parent-in-law suite - or in the case of a barn - a lot, a lot of space for hay.


Unlike most roofs available, this one is quite unique because it is smaller and looks like the ancient Egyptian pyramids. Because of their small size, they are generally preferred over smaller structures such as the garage and around pools.


In the same way as the pyramid roof, the hood roof is specially designed to cover the veranda. The upper part of the roof looks like a pyramid and tilts sideways to the side, providing additional coverage.


If you are looking for simplicity, then you have it in this one. The design is simple enough to build. In addition to the simplicity of the structure, even a 4 plus story flat roof is very safe to climb on. However, it requires a lot of maintenance because the roof tends to collect debris at a much higher rate than other roofs. Other common types of roofs include: cross gable roof, curved roof, steel roof and hipped roof. With the wide variety available, it's up to you to choose the roof that best suits your needs.

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