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Getting your roof and home ready for winter is very essential for the maintenance of your property. Winter is coming so time to take note of your situation. In winter months a roof is more likely to experience problems, so preventative maintenance is necessary if you plan on avoiding damage caused by rain storms and snow storms.

The first thing you should do is check your roof and take note of any damage that you see. If so, fix it before winter sets in and those areas concealed by snow. There are a lot of things you can do to keep your roof safe in this winter.

Roof inspection:

The first thing you need to do in order to prepare your roof for winters is the roof inspection so do it before it starts to rain often and the roof becomes slippery. Call a professional contractor for a reliable roof inspection unless you really know your stuff.

Water proofing:

It is good to consider waterproofing before the heavy snow & rain starts. You can waterproof over the shingles and under the shingles.

Flashing and chimney repairs:   

Properly installed flashings are very crucial for the health of your roof and home. Inspect any damaged flashing and chimney, before it’s too late. Repair even small damage; check temperatures so that the adhesives used for the repair do not freeze.  There are many adhesives available in the market, which work at freezing temperatures.

Shingle Repairs:  

Cracked, leaky or broken shingles need repairs prior to the winter as they are prone to cave due to snow pressure and cause you big problems.

Gutter Cleaning:

Clogged gutters are one of the main causes of roof damage. Keep your gutters clean & healthy throughout the winter months to maintain an effective drainage system. You can hire a professional before the Winter to clear your roof gutters which are probably at least somewhat clogged by debris and leaves. Cleaning gutters and drainage pipes will help in proper drainage of water and give your roof a better chance to survive the winter.

Tree trimming:

Before the winter strikes your roof, trim the tree branches, especially those near your roof top. As heavy snow or wind storms can break the branches and cause you problems.

Fix caulking:

Caulking can keep water from running into cracks. So carefully choose the right caulking for your roof.

Clear snow from roof top (when winter hits):

You can use snow rakes to remove snow. Professionals suggest removing snow within four feet of drains and gutters to make drainage path clear. You can call a pro if it’s too much for you to done.

Roof replacement:

A roof can be installed at any time of year. You can install metal, shingle or wood roof regardless of season. But in the case of flat exteriors made of rubber you have to wait for springs. The adhesives are temperature dependent.

Follow the above tips to prepare your roof for the winter and avoid costly contracting costs.

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