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Everything in life depreciates over time and this is surely true when it comes to roofing. After many years in service many types of roofing may get damaged. One of the common concerns is roof leaks. You may not even have the notion that your roof faces leakage problem until it’s too late and you find water spots on your ceilings and walls. It’s also common to discover mold, rust stains on pipes, peeling paint and rotted wood.


To avoid such problems, one must know about its causes. There are numerous elements which cause roof leaks and we’ll go through them below.

  • Dented Roof Penetration: Roof penetrations such as vents, chimneys and pipes. If their surrounding materials (usually composed of rubber or metal) begin to crack, then water can easily penetrate inside your home.
  • Misplaced or cracked Shingles: When shingles are poorly arranged or missing it can also give space for water to dribble behind them which in result causes leaks. The usual causes of damaged shingles are heavy rain, strong winds and clogged unhealthy gutters.
  • Inadequate connected Skylights: Badly installed skylights can easily cause roofs to leak. If its edges are sealed improperly it will undeniably cause a problem for home owners.
  • Ice Dams: When melting snow freezes on an exterior it forms an ice dam. Snow amasses on the roof and deteriorates shingles thereby causing a leak.
  • Damaged/ unsealed valleys: Where the two roof-lines meet it is known as a valley. If these refines are poorly sealed it causes roof leaks.
  • Opened Holes: The holes to fix TV antennas, satellite dish, etc. also can cause a roof leak. If such materials are moved off and the holes remain it will certainly cause leaks. Also, if the installer did not seal it properly it is also bound to cause leakage.
  • Bunged water channels: Leaves and other debris can clog the water channels and cause damage to the roof and basement. Such clog accumulates water and over time it starts to seep down in the roof.

Fixing Roof Leaks by Using Membranes and Adhesives:

It is very important for home owners to inspect the roof of his/her house regularly. Check the vents, gutters, flashings etc. as well. Whenever you notice any sign of roof leaks you must consult a top rated roofing contractor to avoid a big mess. Make sure to mount quality roofing that can last  for a long time.

Roof membranes are mostly made up of synthetic rubber, thermoplastic, or modified bitumen. In order to evade roof leakage quality membranes are the best solution. Quality control and maintenance are very important. There are different types of membranes that are available on the market, so one must be vigilant. Small damages can be repaired by using specially designed materials and patching system.

Repairing a roof is a more convenient option compared to replacing the existing system. You can get the better inkling by consulting an architect and engineer. You can also research the topic on the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) Repair Manual. This manual has step by step instructions, photograph illustrations and drawing details. For long lasting repairs use compatible membranes with the existing roof material.

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