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Protecting Your Roof Siding And Gutters From Winter

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The downsides that come from the winter weather can be very nightmarish to your roof. The impact of the elements like snow, ice, and rain can potentially harm the roof of your home. Worst more, if your roof isn't in tip-top shape, snow, ice, and high winds can turn your roofing shingles into mere scraps.

Thankfully, there are many quick and inexpensive ways to protect your roof construction from the unfriendly effects of winter. Carrying out not too bogus and effective precautionary measures can greatly help preserve your roofing construct from the adverse winter effects. Nevertheless, contacting your local roofer to carry out premium roofing inspection and maintenance is the ultimate panacea.

Elements Of Winter That Can Affect Your Roofing And Solution


Heavy wind is largely associated with the winter season. At this time of the year, heavy wind storms are frequent, and by and large, a lot of roofing shingles are either torn by it, loosened, or completely blown away by this strong force of nature. The impact of blustery winter wind is the hail or sleet, which rains small chunks of ice on the roof. This ice can accumulate and form an ice dam. Also, these sheets of ice add load to the roof shingles, making them so fragile. This strong wind can generate unimaginable damages to your roof siding if it is not tackled on time.


To protect your roof from adverse weather effects like wind, you will have to invest in strong and reliable roofing shingles. Also, these roofing shingles most have an extensive warranty. Besides this, always involve the services of a professional roofer for your general roofing installation, replacement, and roofing maintenance.

At the onset of every winter, get your roof prepared for the trying season by having a professional roofing contractor inspect your roofing and fix all problems that may have lingered from summer. Also, consider cutting-off any overhanging or dead branches that make an easy target for strong winter winds.


Hails and thunderstorm is another cause of great concern for most homeowners. More specifically, hails can be a nightmare to metal roofs. The vents and flashing, as well as the ridge of metal roofs, are all susceptible to the unpleasant impact of hail. The deformation of the surface of metal roofs is mostly as a result of hail. Moreover, impressions that it makes on the shingles of metal roofs can culminate in a leaky roof and reduce the life expectancy or the useful life of the shingles.


There’s no absolute formula to implement in a bid to obliterate the hail from dishing out any unfavorable strokes to your roof. Your best bet solely lies with your roofer. A vastly experienced roofing contractor can help you inspect your roof, and when there’s damage from hail, he will examine its extent and severity and ultimately proffer the right solution.


You can’t talk about the winter without mentioning snow, ice, and water. These three combine to land a heavy blow to your roof’s construction. When snows are not cleared from the roof, they can pile up to form a heavy mass. This large mass of snow usually weighs higher than the load-bearing capacity of your roof. It’s, therefore, no brainer that creaking sounds and cracks on your ceiling are persistent likewise bowed ceiling.


Ice build-up on the roof is prominent for inflicting damage to the roof siding and gutters. Fluctuations in temperature can make snows melt, runoff down to the edges of the roof and then, refreezes again. This generally results in an ice dam and gutter blockage.


Water backup is a frequent incident during the winter, particularly due to the ice dam. When water backs up, they tend to take advantage of any pre-existing leakage points in your roof. They also generate mold and mildew formation in your ceiling and walls.

Winter Siding Damage

In winter roofing and roofing as a whole, siding adds to give the house an overall appealing aesthetic. Besides the beauty function, it plays a huge role in keeping your home safe from debris and moisture. It also impacts the general roof temperature.  It’s therefore very needful to keep it always in form. Maintaining, repairing, and replacing the roof siding when necessary is essential. However, some elements of nature, particular to winter, can cause great damage to the sidings. Common effects of winter on siding include;

  • Falling of lamination
  • Cracking and breakage
  • Missing or dislodged siding
  • Moisture damage

Is Your Roof Set For The Winter?

Although roof inspection, especially against the winter, is best recommended. However, you shouldn’t go solo with the process. Why? Because it could be very dangerous considering that you’re likely to lack the skills and expertise it calls for. Besides, you may not be able to spot all of the problems.

In the same vein, there are some signs that you can see from inside the house and from the ground. If you detect or suspect any of these problems, you can contact Royal Roofing Queens, your reliable and dependable roofer.

Below are some of the signs that you can watch for

  • Water stains or any discoloration in your ceiling
  • Warping or peeling paint on the siding of your home
  • Pieces of roofing material on the ground around the house or building
  • Buckling or bubbling shingles
  • Difficulty in heating or cooling your home

Cleaning Your Gutters

Getting your gutters cleaned is the right step towards mitigating the influence of winter on your roof. There’s no specific amount of time that you should clear out your gutters as this is dependent on the presence of trees close to your roof. On average, you can get your roof gutters cleaned three times a year. Leaks in the roof can be a strong indicator that your gutters need to be cleaned.

To clean your gutter, you will need a ladder, gloves, possible a hand trowel, leaf blower, and an attachment for the end of your garden hose. You can use the garden trowel or simply your gloved hands to scoop out the leaves and sediments from your gutters. Either style you decide to use, always remember to contact your local roofer to handle delicate ones because safety is a priority for gutter cleaning.

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