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Pros And Cons of Flat Roof

Sean Levine  |  January 18, 2022  |   |  No Comments

Everything created by man has both advantages and disadvantages. And even with the disadvantages, we still use them. Why? Because the advantages can be way higher than the disadvantages or the disadvantages can be minimized, avoided, etc.

The same applies to flat roofs. Flat roofs, which came into the spotlight many years back, were first shown to be non-reliable and have a low lifespan. This was counter-attacked with advanced technology and flat roofs are now portrayed as reliable and advantageous roofs.

Even with the recent developments, flat roofs still have a lot of deficiencies roof owners battle and still battle with.

Are you a roof owner looking to change your commercial or residential roof to a flat roof?

Are you a homeowner looking for a good roof to repair your roof with a flat roof?

Are you just building your home and considering if a flat roof is the best roof for your home?

Or are you an aspiring roof owner looking to know the advantages and disadvantages of a flat roof?

Then sit back and read carefully because you will learn what you need to know about the pros and cons of flat roofs.



One of the first things people look at is the price of the roof. And we are here to tell you that a flat roof is cost-effective, that is, it is less costly compared to its counterpart: a pitched roof.

Aside from being easy to busy, it is also easy to install, less stressful, and requires less labor. As you know, less labor means fewer expenses for you. So, with a flat roof, you are surely safe with finances. If you are on a low budget, a flat roof is your sure plug.

Repair and Maintenance

Except in extreme cases, a flat roof is easy to repair and maintain. The beauty of a flat roof is that you can do some of the repairs by yourself (DIY). A lot of flat roof owners imbibe this habit. While you can repair it by yourself, we often advise consulting a local roofer so you will have an itch-free repair. Also, to ensure that the repair won't lead to subsequent repairs. A lot of flat roof owners repair their roofs themselves and enjoy the roof for a longer period.


Flat roofs, if well maintained, can last up to 50 years. Yes, there are several types of flat roofs with different lifespans, but flat roofs like PVC and EPDM can really last up to 50 years. Likewise, other flat roofs have a good lifespan.

So, if you want your roof to last longer (well, from our experience, every homeowner wants their roof to last longer,) then you can choose a flat roof.

Extra Space

As this is an advantage for flat roofs, it is a disadvantage to pitched roofs. Have you ever watched a movie that had a garden on the roof or a relaxation area where people rest?

If you've not seen anything like that then imagine it. That's an example of a flat roof. With a flat roof, you can have a


  • Roof Garden


  • Office Room


  • Relaxation Area


HVAC Units

Instead of installing your HVAC units on the ground, why not install them on your flat roof? It is safer and better.

HVAC units move air in and out of your home. During summer, it removes warm air and replaces it with cool air. During winter, it removes cool air and replaces it with warmth. In the short term, it is responsible for the cooling and heating of your home.

Having said that, where do you think your flat roof is most needed: on your roof or down the roof? It is inarguably on your roof. While this cannot be done by pitched roofs, flat roofs allow you to do this.


Drainage problems

An important deficiency of flat roofs is drainage problems. Of course, all flat roofs have slight slopes, but that is not enough to drain the water. This is why drainage systems are usually installed on the flat roof to make drainage easier and faster.

But even that, the drainage systems installed on flat roofs can get blocked, which will eventually affect the flow of water. When this happens, it affects the roof badly because the water has nowhere to go. And this can lead to the next point.

Standing water

This is known as one of the common problems of flat roofs. Even though it is just seen, some of the underlying causes can be drainage systems. A flat roof is considered to have standing water when water lasts for more than 48 hours after rain or snow falls.

If this is not taken into cognizance, it can lead to the weakening of the membrane and cause several leaks to your roof. Which can ultimately lead to roof repair.

Best Installed in Warm Climates

Although flat roofs can be installed in any weather condition, for best results, flat roofs are best installed in warm climates. Of course, you can install it in any weather condition, but if you want durability, then you will need to install it in warm climates. The question is, can you wait for warm climates before you install your flat roof?

Higher Repair Costs

Even though it is easy to repair and maintain flat roofs, the repair cost is also on the high side. Especially if they are problems you can't solve by yourself. That is, you have to pay your roof contractor to help you maintain and repair it regularly.

The recommended check is to inspect your flat roof twice a year. And the weather conditions for that are spring and autumn.

These are the pros and cons of flat roofs. Even with the cons, many homeowners and companies are adapting to flat roofs because of the many possibilities and advantages. Flat roofs are good but it's also good to consider the disadvantages. All the same, it's your choice.

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