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Practical Roof Repair and Maintenance Tips for Winter

admin  |  February 12, 2020  |   |  No Comments

With a few weeks before the end of winter, you can’t deny the fact that the past few days have indeed been a trying time for your roof. Perhaps you fail to grasp what you ought to do to help your roof overcome this challenging weather. Here’s is another rundown on easy roof repair and maintenance tips that would help you to get through winter months without much trouble.

As you must have already surmised, winter comes with its fair share of house-related plague, and roofing problems is one of them. Homeowners and property managers are bound to face various winter roof challenges such as ice dams and leakages. Proper care of the roof is the best antidote to these roofing ailments. To get your roof proof of these winter maladies, here is what it takes.

Roof Maintenance

Many homeowners and property managers fall to understand the value of proper roof maintenance. Inasmuch as it can cost you a little initially, in the long run, you stand to reap awesome benefits. You should always endeavor to carry out adequate roof inspection prior to winter. Carrying out a roof inspection is the best way to track any potential roof damage or deterioration and the nip at its bud. Proactive measures are necessarily what you need now. You can always get a professional roofing contractor to help you check out for signs of icicles build-up and ice dams - especially after a snowstorm or windstorm. Always ensure that your fascia and downspout are not clogged with debris, ice, snow, dead leaves. Get rid of any snow, or fallen leaves build up.

Flashing And Chimney Repair

Leaking flashing of a chimney can be an unwelcome development. When there are leakages in your house, there is every possibility that your chimney has been damaged. Always employ the services of an experienced roofer to inspect your chimney and flashings. If there’s any sign of impending damage, let it be tackled squarely then and there. Running a DIY on your flashing requires a higher level of understanding, it could be best to leave it for professionals.

Gutter Repair

Roof gutters are so vital. It, however, remains one of the most underestimated parts of the roof. The role that gutters play in securing the roof from winter effects by keeping it dry and clean cannot be overemphasized. To sustain this stride, you need to schedule periodic gutter inspection and cleaning. If your gutters are damaged, never delay in getting them replaced. That your fascia board and house walls are always dry and free from water damage is all thanks to your gutter. A blocked gutter could cause water backup on your roofs, leading to leakages on the roofing system and formation of molds and wet patches on the wall. The entire building walls are sure to bear the brunt as well. A clean gutter that is clear of any debris works to maintain proper drainage on the roofing system. Take care of your gutters!

Shingles Repair

Roofing shingles are meant to be inspected periodically. The need for shingles repair and even replacement can come up anytime. However, with regular inspections, you can’t be taken unawares. Proper knowledge of your roofing materials is also pertinent. Some articles are easily overcome by elements associated with winters such as hail, storm, or heavy snowfall. Knowing this will help you plan more on and give you a clue on how to repair it. If you can confidently work on your roofing shingles, then who’s stopping you? If not, call your skilled local roofer to help you out. Remember, you need an experienced roof repair contractor to work on your roof because an amateur contractor would be no better than you and could damage the roof just like you.

Attic Repair

Are there any sudden leaks in your house? Have you ever thought of what could be the cause or even flirt with the idea of checking your attic? Well, you need to really start bossing your house. During the winter, your home produces a significant amount of heat every day. This heat usually escapes through the house roof. Overtime, with constant repetition of this process, the insulation of your attic gets weakened. Snows on your roof when it melts, leakage becomes inevitable. As a homeowner, you have to check the insulation in your attic periodically. Investing in these gestures will save you more of any impending roofing problems. Of course, you’ll have more dollars in your purse saved as a result of your quick action.

Tree management

Trees are, no doubt, an essential part of the environment. Having trees around your house adds to the aesthetics of the home. Also, the home value gets a better face lift. However, if these trees are not appropriately managed, they could be a cause of an enormous headache to any homeowner or property manager. Towering tree branches, spreading down to house rooftops, can pose a significant threat to the entire building’s roofing system. Always monitor the growth of trees so close to your house. If the trees need to be trimmed, get it done as soon as possible. Better still, you can call tree service to help you take care of any hanging tree branch. Having trees around your house helps in ventilation. At the other hand, you need to keep your roof clear of all the debris like branches and dead leaves.

Roof Replacement

One enormous advantage of flat roofs over the pitched roof styles is in the ease of its repair and maintenance. If you’re using a flat roof, you can efficiently work on it even in the winter, with or without the help of a roofing contractor. However, irrespective of your roof been a pitched or flat roof, knowing when it needs to be replaced and adequately taking the right actions is prudent. Always call your local roofer for your roof replacement.

With these tips on roof repair and maintenance in winter, you can scale through each winter season without any difficulty. If you are facing more serious roofing problems, contact your experienced and professional roof repair and maintenance contractor.

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