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If you are thinking about repairing or replacing your roof, you might want to do some research beforehand to get a good idea about what you actually want to get done, what you need and most importantly who you want to hire to get your job done.

First, inspect the entire roof either yourself or with the help of a professional to get an idea of what is actually going wrong, maybe a few shingles blown off or leakage etc.. This initial damage assessment is a great prerequisite to begin the project process.  If your roof is not that old, you can check if the damage found on it is still under warranty and save a lot of money. If not, it’s time to do your homework and find out if you need a small repair or a complete replacement. This is the hard part as most roofers will try to convince you to buy a new roof so that they can make more money. You will need to call multiple contractors down for estimates and do a lot of research online about your specific roofing issue to see if a full replacement is warranted. The more professional and trusted the contractors you bring into you home are, the more likely you are to get honest and professional advice.

Finding this trusted and reliable roofing company can be a tough, daunting and time consuming task. We recommend beginning your search by asking your neighbors for some good leads for quality roofers, however, beware as many homeowners are happy with the work they received despite the fact they over-payed. Many times, they were even convinced to replace their roof when a simple repair would have sufficed. You can research the companies your friends and neighbors use online and while you are at it, look for some other ones. The key to finding information you can trust is to use 3rd party verified review sites that guarantee authentic reviews and ratings. For example, GAF, the industry leader in roofing supplies, provides authentic and verified reviews that you can trust. On the other spectrum, sites like Yellow Pages have no screening mechanisms to their review platform and dozens of fake reviews can be left on their sites. If you search online about the review site in question you will quickly discover which sites are legitimate and which are bogus.

After compiling a list of trusted roofers it’s time to call them and ask all your difficult questions. Inquire about the roofing materials that they work with (nails, shingles, adhesives etc.), what they believe is best suited for you for your roof, how much time they will take to complete the task and the approximate cost. If you like what you hear, it’s time to invite them down for a free estimate.


Do not be impulsive and hire anyone until you have seen at least 4 trusted contractors which you can compare side by side.

If you feel like the contractor is promoting products that other contractors did not even mention, drop them. If the contractor is recommending a full replacement and the others did not, drop them. If the roofing company is suggesting using generic roofing supplies, run for your life. If the company is not offering you a long term warranty, stop the conversation in it’s tracks. With experience and research you will get the system down pact and will be able to hire the correct contractor for you

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