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Is Owen Cornings A Good Shingle For My Queens Home?

Sean Levine  |  March 19, 2022  |   |  No Comments

Owens Corning shingle roofers are reliable for durable quality roofing shingles if you're replacing your present roof or building a new home. Because of their premium, bold color options, algae and wind resistance, and Owens Corning warranty, these shingles is now the number one choice for homes almost all around the country.

Premium Quality

Due to the materials used and the procedure they are created, Owens Corning shingles are renowned for their exceptional quality. The shingles are laminated with:

  • Fiberglas is a patented material resistant to the weather and has a class A fire rating.
  • Asphalt protects against water damage by forming a barrier.
  • Reflective grains to reduce the sun's rays' impact.
  • Adhesive strips to maintain the roof watertight as a whole.


Many professional roofing companies have rated Owens Corning materials  highly, with many advantages. For decades, Owens Corning has been a prominent maker of building materials for the residence, saleable, and industrial markets. They were the industry principal in fiberglass insulation materials in the 1970s, for example. They've carved their route to success by providing excellent "add-on" services that distinguish them from the competitors. Dedicated research & development, novel applications, and vertically integrating their manufacturing process are just a few of these services.

While most insulation products are identical, Owens Corning adds a unique twist...pink-colored insulation. Other items are either white or yellow. It's a slight distinction, although one that they've taken full benefit of. The Pink Panther (a famous character from movies and comic books) was given to the commodities, and a new brand was established.

It has proven to be a brilliant decision on Owens Corning's part. The "spokescat" drew attention to the pink color and established prestige for the product. Everyone wanted the pink-colored insulation shortly after. It added a sense of entertainment to its advertising and has proven to thrive over time. The Pink Panther is now more associated with Owens Corning than with the comic books and film series that first made him famous! It is still the most well-known insulating brand available.


Bold Colors

If you're selling your property, it is crucial to have curb appeal, but it is also essential if you live there. From the street, your visitors, friends, and family will note how lively and lovely your home is. You have a large and varied range of hues and tints to choose from when it comes to finding the correct complement for your home.

Resistance to Algae

Your roof provides the necessary weather protection for your home. The roof must endure heavy rains and humid conditions that can cause algae to grow on the tiles. As a result, the algae causes stains and streaks on the roof, promoting disintegration. To safeguard your roof and your house, Owens Corning shingles are made with algae-resistant materials.

Resistance to the wind

When shingles are sealed with Owens Corning sealer, they can resist gusts of up to one hundred and thirty mph. This decreases the likelihood of missing shingles after a storm, resulting in water damage to your residence.

Standard shingles might blow off your roof in high winds. However, Owens Corning shingles have you protected. They are designed to survive even the harshest conditions nature may throw at them. A demonstration was conducted on a standard shingle and an Owens Corning shingle with SureNail technology in an INDEPENDENT lab test. A single nail was used to secure each shingle to a piece of wood. The demonstrator then tugged on each shingle, simulating wind. The regular shingle was readily broken off, but the SureNail shingle stood up and stayed put.


The warranty period lasts for fifty years, and it covers things like material faults and labor to fix. If you sell your property, the warranty can even be transferred once. Every warranty, from standard to platinum, provides exceptional protection for your new roof.

Are There  Energy Star Ratings On Owens Corning Duration Shingles?

They are. You don't need to be told how critical an ENERGY STAR rating is for cost-effectiveness on your cooling and heating bills. Your roofing can (and should) have the same energy-saving properties as energy-efficient household appliances.

Owens Corning Duration Shingles will enable you to reflect solar energy from the sun and prevent heat move into your residence's inside. This implies that less air conditioning will be needed to keep your home cool and pleasant. To be entirely truthful, a large portion of these savings will be determined by your locale and whether or not your Duration Shingles were proficiently installed.

Are The  Durations Shingles From Owens Corning Good?

This is probably the most common, albeit broad, question people ask, and the answer is a resounding yes. You can't top Owens Corning Duration Shingles for quality in sheer elegance, vitality, and longevity, not to mention energy efficacy.

Owen’s Corning Duration Shingles Last How Long?

Your climate and some minor other factors will influence this; however,  generally, these shingles have been designed for both elegance and durability. Owens Corning SureNail technology is at the heart of its durability.

There are a few aspects of this revolutionary technology that are worth addressing. The constant fastening and triple-layer protection provide additional reinforcement. Furthermore, the increased Tru-Bond sealant adds another adhesive characteristic by giving a firmer grip to the layer beneath the shingles, which keeps them securely fused.

If you're not in the roofing industry, you might think this is a ton of vocabulary, and you would be right. The SureNail technology fabric strip differentiates between a proper shingle and a fantastic shingle. Every shingle in the Duration series has a durable woven strip incorporated in the nailing locations. This innovative design provides exceptional gripping power, stability, and longevity, with twice the bonding strength of traditional shingles.

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