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How To Protect Your Roof From Imminent Hurricanes

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Your house is usually the biggest investment of your life, so protecting it from hurricanes is one of the top priorities. The power in hurricanes is enough to detach the roof of your house from the mainframe and cause other serious damage. Here are some precautions to protect your house during the hurricane season. Many of these lessons were learned the hard way by many residents in the Northeast and New York after Hurricane Sandy.

Get a Roof Inspection

Contact a local roof repair specialist to help you inspect your roof. A specialist has the expertise and skill to find faults in the roof and decide whether it can cope with the rigors of a hurricane. The contractor will inspect the interior to see if the roof has been weakened by moisture or mold. He will also check for loose shingles, leaks and cracked caulk. You will then receive a detailed report after the inspection. The report should detail his recommendations, and estimate and the cost of any upgrade or repair. We recommend GAF Master Elite Certified contractors for your inspection. These roofers can be found on Google by searching for them along with your location.

Clean Your Gutters

 A hurricane comes with rain capable of causing serious damage so your drainage system has to be efficient. You want to make sure your gutters and drainage systems are clear so water flows freely in the storm. Remove all the debris from your drainage systems. You may need a roofing contractor to help you clean the gutters effectively.

Read Your Insurance Policies

You need to review your insurance policy and make sure it will cover the full cost of reconstruction in case your house is destroyed in a hurricane. Check your insurance covers up to the cost of roofing. Furthermore, you need to determine if you are covered by floods. You forget that floods usually follows.

Add Roof Straps

Anyone doing roofing installation and repair In an area prone to hurricanes should attach the roof to the walls with metal straps.   Straps help to strengthen the roof when subjected to high winds. You need to be well-prepared if you want to survive a hurricane. Contact your local roofing experts and inspect your house and do the relevant repairs before as the season begins.

Wind Damage And Water Damage Inspection

Because wind can damage your roof you should check it for blown off roof or roof accessories, items thrown onto your roof and ripping mounted hardware off of your roof.  Also, water can cause issues with your building insulation, structure, and your property inside. You need to schedule an evaluation if you are in a hurricane-prone area. Regular evaluations of your roof before hurricane season will ensure that there are no issues on your roof that a hurricane can make worse. Before hurricane season is the best time to have a contractor perform repairs and double-check the integrity of your roof.

Ask A Roofer To Check The  Following:

Cover and membrane – make sure there are no tears, holes or effects of aging.

Flashings – make sure all flashings are correctly and securely attached and sealed.

Mounted Equipment – make sure they are fixed securely to the roof and any nails or screws seem secure.

Gutters/Downspouts – make sure all gutters, drains, and downspouts are properly attached and the water flows to the proper location.

Trim Nearby Trees

The strong winds of a hurricane can do untold damage. They can move cars and destroy walls; do you trust those tree branches that hang over your building? Around May or June, just before hurricane season, take a walk around your building and identify dead, broken or oversized trees and tree branches. These can easily be blown off during a storm and land on your building. Generally speaking though, tree branches should not be within six feet of your house.

Check For Damaged or Missing Shingles

Maintaining a clean and clear roof is so important. Removing debris can help you see missing or fading shingles. While there are various stages of deterioration, a shingle should be replaced if it is discolored, curled, or lacks granules.

Missing or damaged shingles leave your roof vulnerable. It can lead to damage on and under your roof. During a storm, rain or snow will penetrate the cracks that the shingles should cover. If enough rain enters your home for an extended time and goes unnoticed, there will be weakening in the form of mildew and mold.

To sum up make sure to review your insurance policy to see if there are any gaps in your cover. Then, inspect your home to identify the vulnerable areas and advise you on potential or necessary repairs. Finally, get active and trim back those overhanging trees and branches.

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