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How Roofing Insurance Claims Work

Sean Levine  |  May 29, 2021  |   |  No Comments

Getting a proper understanding of how roofing insurance claims work will help you a lot. Especially when your roof is damaged by weather conditions and you need to repair it as soon as possible. You will have a more fantastic relationship with the roofing restoration contractor and the insurance company if you understand this process. You won't have to worry over claim denial or assessment contradiction

Step By Step Guide On Roofing Insurance

Adjusters Inspection

This happens after you've reported the situation or filed a report to the insurance company. Before you report to the insurance company, you should hire a reliable roofing restoration contractor to inspect and assess the roofing situation. Then, you can file a report to the insurance company to take their assessment. It's also called a claim. They would send their adjuster to check out the damages. The adjuster will do a thorough inspection of the roof, especially on the areas you reported. Preferably, your roofing restoration contractor should be with the adjuster to give important information, answer questions, and point out every omitted place. After the complete inspection, the adjuster will deduce the assessment and send it to the insurance company.

Claim Review

Once the adjuster submits the assessment to the insurance company, they will review it. They will carefully peruse and evaluate the assessment. Then they will decide the total amount of money that should be paid to you, the homeowner. It can take more time than expected. This is why you need to hire a roofing restoration contractor. In this process, they would help you to:

  • Answer questions from the insurance company. The insurance companies might need some vital information for their perusal.
  • Provide crucial evidence concerning the assessment to keep the review going
  • Advocate for you: If there are conflicts on the assessment, the restoration contractor will fight for your cause and proof that the assessment is right.
  • Do a proper estimate of the price and negotiate with the insurance company
After The Review

Once they have finished processing the review, they will develop the estimated amount of money needed for the repair. Then, they will issue a check of the concluded amount to you through the restoration contractor or directly, depending on the agreement. The check will cover the repair of the damaged roof and the service of the restoration contractor. Except you've other assignments for the restoration contractor that could incur your other cost.

The part of the insurance company ends when they send you the check, they've fulfilled their obligatory and pledge to you. You have to agree with the roofing restoration contractor regarding the repair, partial replacement, or total replacements.

It's straightforward in theory but can be stressful in reality. To make the work much easier for you, you've got to employ the right roofing restoration company. But how do you know the right roofing restoration company?

How To Recognize The Right Roofing Restoration Company

They Must Belong To IICRC

IICRC means Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. This body focuses on educating and teaching companies how to clean, take out and fix damaged properties. And as you already know, restoration companies are called when there is a damaged property, before the insurance claim or after the insurance claim. It's best to hire one before the insurance claim so they can do damage assessment and scope of work before filing the claim.

They Must Speak The Language Of Insurance Companies

This is an added advantage for you if they know this. It will help in proper communication between the restoration contractor and the insurance company. It would also make them understand and fasten the insurance claim.

The more insurance inclined your restoration company is, the easier it will be to answer questions and give accurate reports. This will also assist in filing the paperwork correctly. And reduce slight errors when filling the insurance restoration form. In total, it enhances clear communication and brings forth good relationship, which will fasten the claim process

They Should Have A Track Record

Whichever restoration company you are hiring, they should have a track record of insurance claims they've solved. I bet you don't want to place an inexperienced company on the job. Always hire someone with the right experience. A roofing contractor that has done it before and understands the entire process. This will give you peace of mind, make you confident, and remove the fear of claim denial.

Advocate For You

The restoration company should take charge of your case like it's theirs. There might be some lap in the adjuster's assessment and the restoration assessment. The restoration contractor is taking the job, so its assessment is probably more accurate than the adjuster. Your restoration contractor should be able to advocate for your cause by proving to the insurance company that his/her assessment is correct. They've to make sure the claim can repair the damage.

Keep Good Records

Your restoration company must keep a proper record of every detail, especially the assessment done. They should keep proper records of everything about the job. The records should be accessible to everyone. They can even use software like the acculynx roofing system to keep records. This way, it will make transactions and the claim easier.

You're guaranteed a hitch-free and seamless roof replacement with your insurance claim if you follow these steps. It may take little work from you, but the reward is worth it. If you need help claiming your insurance or any questions on how to claim your roofing insurance in NYC, reach out to the best roofer near you.

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