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How Much Does Flat Roofing Cost?

Sean Levine  |  July 24, 2021  |   |  No Comments

When getting a new flat roofing replacement, besides considering the best-fit roofing materials and the most reliable roofing contractor, you need to consider the cost of the roofing project.

Any prudent property manager or homeowner knows that having a set budget is vital before diving fully into a roofing project.  Of course, various elements can affect one's choice of a roofing system. But for most property managers and homeowners, the cost is the king.

So, how much does it actually cost to get a new flat roof?

The cost of flat roofs is estimated in units called a "square." Each "square" is approximately 100 square feet. Generally, the overall cost per square of a flat roof is between $350 and $1200. This implies that a new flat roof square foot, including artisanship, is between $3.5 and $12. You can also use a flat roofing calculator to get these estimates. You should, however, know that these costs are just estimations based on the general view and average cost. A concise flat roofing estimate varies from roofer to roofer. Therefore, you should always seek an estimate from more than two local roofers. But more importantly, hire a well-seasoned roofer to give you an accurate estimate. And if you are considering a professional roofing company in New York City, Royal Roofing Queens is ready to provide you with a free estimate.

And above all, the total cost of your roof will greatly depend on the type of flat roof material you choose and the size of your roof. And with the unfriendly New York weather, here are some of the best flat roofing systems and their cost.

Flat Roofing System And Costs

Built-Up Roof

This is the oldest flat roof material which is also known as BUR. It has lasted for over 120 years and more. This flat roofing system consists of few layers of materials set on one another. The BUR comprises different materials, including hot tar, rock, fiberglass, and the material felt. One of the crucial benefits of this material is that it is heatproof. But since the advent of hot tar, using it on occupied structures isn't the most alternative idea. This decision can be an exceptionally prudent one, with the expense per square foot of installment between $3.5 and $7.

Modified Bitumen

Another exciting alternative for modest commercial structures is modified bitumen. While it has many of the same materials as built-in roofing, it also has additional and different materials. It's more like the advanced edition of built-in roofing. Its installation, however, can be carried out in two different ways.

The first is the light or torch-down application technique, where the roofer heat the materials on the roll as he sets it down. Felt material is laid over the space, trailed by groundwork. Lastly, the segments of bitumen are applied accordingly. Everything is fixed along with an enormous light or fire. This technique, due to the potential fire dangers, shouldn't be done by yourself. Instead, you should contact a professional roofer

The second technique involves a strip and sticks bitumen element. The general cost of installation is about $3 - $6 per square foot. This is an average cost. It can be higher or lesser depending on the size, thickness, or durability of the roof

Single Membrane Roofing

This is also known as Single-ply roofing. It's the most advanced and most used type of flat roofing material. Single-ply roofing has different kinds varying from PVC to TPO and EPDM. However, the EPDM remains the most notable single-ply roofing material. And despite the rise of TPO, EPDM is still the number one choice of flat roofing material in NY.

The ideal approach to thinking about EPDM is that it resembles a smoothed vehicle tire impervious to sun harm, scrape stamps, and tears overall. They come in two colors, black, which can take in a considerable amount of warmth, and white, which can mirror a decent bit of the warmth from the sun and encompassing area. However, the most commonly used EPDM material is black coloring. Of course, this is because of its warming effect in the cold seasons. And again, it does not attract much dirt.

An additional benefit of EPDM material is that it has a simple installation system that will reduce general work costs. The cost for each square foot EPDM is in the range of $4 and $6. It's no big surprise why most little or medium-sized organizations pick this flat roofing material.

Remember, however, that EPDM layer roofs aren't the only option available if you're thinking about a single membrane framework. Another roof, as mentioned above, is a PVC roof.  Even though it is more costly at $7.00 to $11.00 per square foot because of the expanded measure of work, it enjoys vast benefits. Perhaps the most striking is the complete and prominent solidness of the material framework.

An outstanding benefit is that it might be the eco-friendliest alternative in the market today. Moreover, it is impervious to numerous synthetics, dampness, wind, fire, and, surprisingly, a few synthetic compounds. There's no denying that any roofing system comprising this type of flat roofing material will stand the test of time. However, you might have to be mindful about its repairs and maintenance that will prove to be more costly in the long run.

There are many things to consider when planning on a roofing project. But above all, the cost is king. The cost will affect not only your choice of material but the overall quality of the work. You might decide to cut costs by going for cheap labor. But will that be beneficial to your building structure in the long run? Will sub-par flat roofing materials give your home the boost it greatly needs? Will it add more to its aesthetics? I doubt so!

Regardless of your budget, you can always get a roofing estimate in NY that won't unnecessarily stress your budget. To get the most rewarding free roofing quote today, reach out to 68-38 Main Street #2 Flushing, NY 11367 (718) 489-4009 https://www.kingsqueensroofing.com/.

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