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he Use of Gutter Guards

There is always an easy way exists to handle a variety of problems. Solutions can be expensive, time taking, or ineffective. When we talk about the reasons behind a damaged or leaking roof, clogged gutter are usually the prime cause.

Rain water and snow can surprisingly damage your roof. The roof is the heart of the home, which regulates the structural functions effectively. So the roof needs to be protected all the time. Debris in gutters can easily damage your roof. Gutters are the most significant components of a roof which helps to filter water off of the roof. If they are clogged they can be a good ground for mildew and mold to play. So what do you want to choose a protecting roof or a playground for mold? Of course, no one wants a damaging roof.

Life is very busy and it is a great headache to find the time to do a  roof inspection and maintenance. Saving time, money and energy is something which we all want to do. Cleaning gutters is one of the messiest jobs. So here we will provide you a solution for this messy job. The solution for clogged gutters is the gutter guard. The gutter guards can serve as the blockers, which can effectively stop the debris or leaves to enter in the gutters. Most GAF Master Elite roofers (which know best) recommend these guards after the installation.

Installing a gutter guard can be beneficial in the following ways;

  • Prevents blockages
  • Stops the formation of rust within the downspouts
  • Stops the growth of mildew and mold
  • Require less maintenance
  • Time and cost effective solution
  • Prevents insects breeding such as mosquitoes and cockroaches
  • Prevents large debris builds-ups
  • Provides longevity of gutters

Installation of gutter guards can save money, time and energy which you spend on maintaining gutter cleanliness. By installing the gutter guards there is no need to hire a professional roofing contractor.

There are variety of gutter guards are available in terms of material such as, aluminum, copper and plastic. The use of good gutter guard can be helpful in different ways. So make sure you choose the right option for your roof gutters. Here are discussed the main three types of gutter guards.

Screens Gutter Guard:     

Where leaves are the main problem, screens are the best solution. Screens are the most common types of gutter guard. They are easy to install and can work with various roof types. They keep out large leaves and debris, on the other hand the openings in the screen lets in the seeds and pine cones. Sometimes it is difficult to clean the screens as it gets clogged by seeds and cones. In our home town of Queens, leaves are a gutter killer so this type of guard must be considered.

Surface-tension Gutter Guard:

Surface-tension guards are best for the rehanging existing gutters. They are good for dealing with the large debris, leaves, high winds and snow. They need less maintenance if installed correctly.

Fine Mash Gutter Guards:

Fine mash guards work like screens. They keep everything out of the gutter except the tiny stuff. They can even work with old brittle shingles. Unlike screens, they are easy to clean.

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