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Sloped Roofing can have problems that occur based on their design and construction. The roof can be an expensive section of the house which requires ongoing maintenance to prevent the damage from spreading. In North America sloped roofs tend to dominate the residential home market, it nearly every region. They are a popular choice because they look appealing and can be various colors to match the house. Sloped roofs can be made from metal or shingles among other materials. However, this is not without the risk of problems though. Sloped roofs cannot always be compatible with the elements and climate, so they can cause problems over time

Wind damage can be a major problem for all sloped roofs. Naturally, the greater the slope the more problematic it can be. Powerful winds can get under crevices and seams and separate the shingles from the roof. Furthermore, the winds can get to the deck under the outer layer and cause more structural damage. Where high winds are known to occur, like hurricanes or tornadoes especially pose a risk to these slopes and most hurricane safety organization discuss the inability of being able to hold up against the winds. Winds will contribute to or initiate further problems with other natural elements.

Rain is another major problem that can occur with sloped roofing. Where the slopes come together at the seams these areas tend to have weaknesses. The seams, even if installed correctly can erode or separate over time with heat and cold. The water can easily find its way into these seams. It turns out that many times sloped roofs were not installed and sealed correctly because of inadequate material or rushed jobs. This leaves small gaps on the border and seams. If the slope is not consistent and does not have a proper drainage route than the water can build up in puddles and leak inside.

Leaves, trees, and branches are a potential problem for sloped roofs as well. If there are trees than hang over the roof, the debris can gather on parts of the roof in clusters. This not only damages the outer lawyer, but the roof deck and adhesives can be deteriorated after extended periods of time.

Maintenance is an important part of a quality sloped roof and is the only way for a homeowner to really be “Kings and Queens of their roofing castle”. The maintenance procedures can be dangerous because of the angles involved, so a safety harness is required to protect the workers. This maintenance must be conducted carefully as foot traffic across a roof can cause damage, the concentrated weight of workers and their tools can cause weak spots in their work areas. A small problem can turn into a big problem very quickly, and therefore a sloped roof should be inspected and repaired semi regularly.

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