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Common Issues Your Roof Might Develop Overtime

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Nothing lasts forever. This particular quote has helped shape what humanity is today. Our constant quest for innovation and sustenance has provided us with credible, durable, but not quite infinite solutions to our industrial and household problems. The roofs over our heads have undergone series of fine-tuning over the years to protect us better.

While roofing structures are correctly serving its purpose, it still struggles with its period of usability. The difficulties surrounding roof installations and periodic maintenance have made it harder for roofers to move beyond the current implementation methods. Having an infinite-lasting roof in the future isn't a ruled out possibility. However, in this century, we can only try to improve the lifespan of our roofing structures. We can begin by taking note of the problems our roofs can develop as time goes by, which should help us figure out appropriate solutions for each of them.


This issue is prevalent but frustrating. It's frustrating because it can happen anywhere on the roofing structure and can happen multiple times. Tracing a roof leak can also be very complicated because the point it drips from could have a different entry point. No area on the roof is exempted from an inspection, including the flashing used, the shingles (obviously), the chimney, and the gutters. It's not advisable to "DIY" your way through this problem. Always have a credible and expert roofing contractor you can reach out to in these situations.

Water Pooling

Another common issue, especially if you live in a region with heavy rainfall and snow. The weight of these rain droplets or snowflakes can cause a significant inward dent on the shingles, which can hold the rainwater or melted snow for an extended period. Homeowners with flat roofs experience this the most. When left unfixed for a long time, the dent could widen and become worse. The best action to take when faced with such a problem is to contact a professional roofer to change the damaged shingles, and possibly make the roof slope a bit more to encourage water run-off.

Roof Holes

Birds are usually the culprits for this problem. Years of constant scratching with their claws and pecking with their beaks is destined to take a considerable toll on your roofing structure. The birds, however, don't take the whole blame for this issue. Human activities, such as getting a Frisbee trapped on the roof or hiring an unprofessional roofer to work on the top, could unconsciously create these holes. Using the necessary bird repellants and hiring certified roofers could reduce the intensity of this problem.

Roof Cracks

Roof cracks are also pervasive problems you will likely face with your roof. The two main factors that usually lead to cracking is roof layering and extreme temperature change. The first factor usually consists of shingles that are correspondingly placed above each other. With time, the shingles are likely to be compromised due to the spaces created beneath them. As for the other factor, the extreme temperature change can break down the shingles' integrity, mostly high temperatures with very low humidity. Note that not all roofing materials are affected by this condition. Metal roofs, for instance, do not crack. You can learn more about Metal Roof Installation on our blog.

Blocked Gutters

With time, debris accumulates at the gutter exits, causing a pile-up on the roof. The litter consists mostly of leaves, branches, dust, and waste from rodents and birds. It causes rainwater to stagnate and become foul. Sometimes, the water experiences a backflow and forces its way through the roofing structure. This water will cause the internal wood to get soaked and slowly rot. When left unchecked, the roof can become unstable and even cave in. To escape this issue, you should regularly check your gutters for debris and get rid of them. Also, replace damaged gutter pipes that could be encouraging the build-up. Make sure to install rigid and sizeable gutters to stand a better chance at avoiding such blockages.

Roof Damage From Trees

Have you ever had an experience like the scary movies when a tree branch extends to your window like an arm? The concept of ghosts is still a debatable matter, but tree attacks aren't. When left untrimmed, tree branches can extend onto your roof and always rip your roof a new one when the wind blows. Your roof shingles can significantly wear out because of this, increasing maintenance costs in the process. The easy solution to this is to trim the parts of the tree that touches your roof or your home, so you won't have to overspend on shingle replacements, plus you won't have to visualize a creepy arm reaching out to your window every night.

Ice Damages

Ice can damage your roof in so many ways you can't imagine. The misconception you can have is that the ice or snow can only settle on your rooftop. When the snow melts, a few droplets always find their way beneath the roofing shingles. As the temperature drops again, these water droplets will become ice also, but they are right under the roof this time. Since ice expands and takes up more volume than water, it pushes these shingles and the flashings outward. This displacement creates more space for more moisture to get into the roofing structure. With this being more of a natural phenomenon, it's inescapable. What you can do is implement moisture control by scheduling supervisory appointments with a roofing contractor in late winter and early spring to keep an eye on the moisture building up inside your roof.

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