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Commercial Roofing: 4 DIY Tips That Anyone Can Do

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If you own or manage a commercial property you will understand with first-hand knowledge how important a roof is. For commercial properties, it is different than for residential because of the size and cost of repairs and replacement. It is essential to maintain the roof on your commercial building as best you can, but the tasks can seem overwhelming if you don't know where to start. If ever you are unsure what servicing your roof needs it is always best to contact an experienced commercial roofer in your area.

Catching Leaks Early

For all roofs, but specifically for commercial roofs this simple rule is true; the earlier you catch a leak, the better. Leaks can without much difficulty break through the outer and inner layer of roofs and with the smallest opportunity damage shingles, wood frame, insulation, or anything else. It is especially important to catch if it is an area with electric wires under the roof. It will never get easier or cheaper to repair a leak and it is always better to get it done as soon as you can.

Regular Cleaning

Cleaning requirements for a commercial roof depend on the climate and environment where the building is located. If you are located near tall trees, where leaves and branches are likely to accumulate then your roof should be cleaned more often. With moisture and the hot sun, all debris will cause mold or unwanted damage. A few times a year a quick cleaning will help save you future stress with little to no upfront costs.

Working with Snow

In the winter months, especially where snowfall can be expected like in New York, a plan for the winter is essential. As we already know, any moisture for prolonged periods of time can be harmful to your roof. Moisture has a way of finding every nook and cranny and getting through to the interior. Snow poses an additional problem because of the constant weight and moisture. As the snow melts it only produces more water so it is important to have it removed at the proper times.

Quick Visual Inspection

You don't need to be a trained and experienced roofer to be able to recognize obvious signs of damage. By performing a quick inspection a few times a year you can help to pinpoint trouble areas before they become big issues. Some locations to pay attention to include the air conditioner units, hatches, satellite dishes, around ladders, chimney, and gutters. They are all worth mentioning because they either require bolts to fasten them to the roof or are at risk for leaking are possible entry points for moisture. Any part of the building that passes through or is affixed to your roof should be sealed with the proper materials. It is important to remember that your quick visual inspections will not fulfill the requirements to have a local roofing contractor do the full inspection.



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