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Choosing the right roofing system for your home or commercial setting is highly imperative. Some factors can contribute to your decision – personal preference, design, and structure of the house, weather conditions, and budget need to be catered for. Another aspect that is very important for some users is the beauty of the house. Of course, pitched roofs look more luxurious than flat roofs, and slopped roofs are mostly employed for protection against wind, sunlight, rain, dust, and snow. Let’s get into the differences of both the flat roof and pitched roof.

Better use of space

Pitched roofs are attractive no doubt, but they cut into the interior space of your house. Mostly upstairs rooms have to suffer from this. This can sometimes limit the vertical height of the roof. With flat roofs, you don’t have to worry about this problem, as they don’t cut into your living space. Moreover, you can also utilize the space on the flat or very low sloped roofs. Whether you want to plant a garden there, make a terrace or a balcony, construct a completely furnished attic or install a temperature control system, all of this can be thoroughly accomplished.

Installation and maintenance cost

A factor that plays a vital role in the minds of the users in choosing to the roof is cost. Now, installation cost and maintenance cost are two different things. You would have to pay more for purchasing and installing pitched roofs than flat roofs. Moreover, flats roofs can also be installed in less time. But in the long-run, they prove to be less cost-efficient. Flat roofs are more vulnerable to problems like leaks etc. and therefore, will need repairs more regularly than pitched roofs. The maintenance of pitched roofs is also easier as the roofing inspector can readily determine the problem and propose a solution.


As stated earlier, flat roofs are more susceptible to problems than pitched roofs. Flat roofs don’t provide considerable support to the overall structure of the house. Your home will be more vulnerable to the grating effects of the weather. Rains drops, snow and dust twisters are more likely to damage your walls and windows. Whereas, pitched roofs protect against harsh weather and are much more solid. They give the house a strong shape in addition to looking good on the eye.


The pitched roofs have very sharp slopes, allowing the water to drain down with ease. They easily set the course of the water away from your private place. Even the flat roofs are not entirely flat. They are placed at a slightly tilted angle, to let the water flow away from the roof. However, they don’t have the near as effective water regulation capacity as pitched roofs. Pitched roofs perfectly use a combination of design and gravity to direct the water away from the building, and are less susceptible to leaks as well. That’s why people living in coastal areas are recommended to install such kind of roofs for their residential or commercial property.

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