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4 Ways a Leaky Roof Can Impact Your Health and Wallet

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Our roofs are a vital part of our home. They provide shelter, aesthetics, curb appeal and therefore value our home. This is one reason why it is so important to maintain the roof and keep it in solid condition. When a roof begins to leak or have water damage it is more than just a financial issue.  Here are some ways that a leaky roof can cost us in two dimensions:  in our wallets and more importantly our health.

Electrical hazards:

When a roof leaks to the interior of the building it comes with great risk. Often the attic or ceiling interiors have electrical wires running through them. From the summer heat and age, the insulation on the wires are not always up to standard, especially in old homes. When water leaks through the roof and onto these wires it poses a great risk for shortages or even worse electrocution. Another potential side effect is electrical fires, which can be caused when water and electricity meet.

Reducing insulation:

The fiberglass and insulation located under the roof are not meant to be functional under extreme dampness. When water leaks through slowly, it is absorbed and reduces its effectiveness. In the summer the heat from the sun gets into the house while the cool air escapes. And in the winter the opposite happens, allowing our costly heating to leak outside.

Mold and mildew:

Mold and mildew are perhaps the most unsightly of the issues. The spores find their way into the house, through the air conditioner and can start appearing on the wall, furniture, and carpets. If you have roof inspections at regular intervals or take proper precautions oftentimes these issues can be identified and resolved early on. But mold especially we don't see it until it has entered the living spaces.

It poses a risk to our health in multiple ways. First, it can induce nasal congestion. If someone is sensitive to allergies mold and mildew can cause worse reactions and inflammation. Also, constantly breathing the moist air and mildew has been known to seriously affect those with asthma and breathing conditions. In homes with children and the elderly, it is even more important to take the necessary preventive measures.

Reducing strength in the roofing frame:

Wooden frames are the backbone of the entire roof. It is common knowledge that wood rots when exposed to moisture. This leads to more expensive repairs than fixing a leak by having to fix the frame as well. A professional roofer with experience in framing would be essential at this point. There is additional wood located in the homes, like the frames of the walls, the trim around the inside and outside. Which all potentially can absorb the water and be damaged. Paint and drywall are also potential hotspots for damage caused by leaky roofs.

We see now that there is a chain of events that can be caused by a relatively simple roof leak.  Our health and our entire homes can be at risk. Early on the price of repairing a leak can be very reasonable, but if time passes the resulting effect is more damage and more costs. Our health is something that should not be taken lightly. With proper maintenance and early actions, we can prevent many of these detrimental effects.


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