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If your home is located in a state that goes through winter, you must at one point have noticed icicles forming around your roof. While they can look pretty, they are absolutely bad for the overall health of your roof. If there are icicles on forming on your roof, this means you will also have to check for ice dam build up — a nightmare for many homeowners.The term ice dam is actually not too common and it isn’t peculiar for a homeowner to have never heard of it. However, they do happen frequently enough during winter that they can cost the country an estimated total of $500 million in property damage annually.
So what is an ice dam exactly? Basically, this is water that has frozen, melted, and refrozen around the edges of a roof, forming into a thick and destructive barrier preventing proper drainage of water. These are caused by melting snow building up on your roof usually because of the typical home’s heating system.
  • Take the time to inspect your roof thoroughly during autumn before ice dams can begin forming. Make sure to clean your roof while you’re there by getting rid of leaves and other debris around the gutters and downspouts. You can even consider calling in a roofer to give your look a thorough examination.
  • Be wary of overheating, especially around your attic. Examine the insulation around the roof and the floors to make sure they are all in in proper order to avoid frozen precipitation from melting and refreezing. Good ventilation is very important. Notify a local roofing contractor immediately if you feel your home is lacking good ventilation.
  • Find all of your home’s water entry points and take preventative measure to make them weatherproof. It may cost a bit but it is certainly cheaper than repairing or replacing your roof.
  • If a professional examination of your roof determines that your roof is still vulnerable to ice dams, you may need to have a home exterior contractor install extra protective membranes on weak spots.
  • Think twice about installing lighting around your roof. The heat generated from the light can melt the snow around it resulting in ice dams. If you already have lights, consider replacing them.
  • Get professionals to remove any excessive buildups of snow on your roof. Do not attempt to do this on your own as there is a serious risk of injury.

Ice dams can be costly roofing nightmares but they can be prevented with the right measures. Prevention is much better than the cure and is a lot cheaper as well. When Hurricane Sandy slammed NY many people learned this lesson the hard way. We really believe everyone should hire a professional roofing expert in NY to check out your roof for you before the big storm hits and it’s too late. It’ll save you time and money.

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