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Roof leaks are considered one of the most common reasons for water damage in most households. The most important thing to recognize is that immediate action should be taken to avoid further damage. Every day you wait water permeates through the external layers of your wall from the roof and causes more and more damage. It is also vital for homeowner to know the basic steps to take after a major leak or storm has damaged your home.

Do General Checkup:

In times of major hurricanes roofing damage cause cause your house to literally flood. So start by assessing the water damage. Is more than 50% of the structure damaged? If your floor is carpeted, do you have to take out the entire carpet? You also need to make sure to turn off your electricity. If the water was retained in your area for a long time, anticipate presence of molds and sewage. To address this, you may need water damage restoration experts to assist you in addition to roof repair experts.

The Drying Process:

For wet floors, it is better to remove the rugs and carpets than let it dry. Consider the surface where these rugs and carpets are placed. If you let it dry without removing, you may be creating further damage to the floor. Sometimes though, the damage is so minute that the removal of carpet and rugs are unnecessary. To make sure you make the right decision, ask guidance from a local contractor.

If the chosen process is to dry instead of to remove, it is recommended to use dryers with dehumidifiers. Using this will eliminate bad odor from the surface. This is an effective process if you take action right after the damage has been done. If it takes you some time before addressing the water damage, mold and mildew would likely have grown on the damaged surface already. If this is the case, you will need to undertake a different process to address the problem. You will need to patch up your roof so that more water does not fall in. Roofing membranes have always been the fastest and easiest way to seal up giant holes in a roof.

Treating the Smell:

Overtime, bacteria already managed to grow onto the water damaged surface. We all know that if there are bacteria clinging, then an unpleasant smell is to be expected. That is why, it is recommended to use dryers with dehumidifiers when drying the damaged area.

Never underestimate the power of these dehumidifiers. This holds true especially if the water damage is in an enclosed environment. If you won’t act right away, you will no longer control the spread of bacteria creating the unpleasant smell. This process may cost more yet worth investing. It is better to spend on this than spend money for mold infestation.

Trust the Experts:

The treatment process can be daunting. It is better that you leave the responsibility to water damage and roofing experts. Hiring the services of professionals may cost you more money but at least you can be assured that they can address the water damage properly and allow you to upkeep your home. In conclusion, in the event of a huge storm or a major roof malfunction pump out the water from your home as fast as possible, dry with fans, dehumidify, and then patch up any hole in your roof with membranes.

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