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Whether you have obvious issues with your roof or an unnoticeable leak that is slowly building up and increasing your roofing repair costs exponentially the more you let it linger, roofing problems are always a massive headache to deal with. There are plenty of causes for damage on roofs ranging from poor installation/maintenance or simply aging. Roofing problems become inevitable as time passes by. Lack of proper maintenance can turn minor problems into financial nightmares. Here are the most common roofing problems most homeowners have to deal with.

6. Leaking Roofs

Roofing comes in different types and has more options than you were probably aware of. No matter what type of roof you’ve got though, if you have any leaks, then you have a major problem. There are several causes for roof leaks but a significant percentage – roughly 90% — of roof leaks always leads back to poor installation of flashing; something to think about when looking for roofing contractors.

5. Unmaintained Roofs

The biggest reason most people throw caution to the wind when it comes to roof maintenance is a lack of understanding. When a homeowner or business owner is made aware of the ramifications of neglecting roof maintenance, the clear benefits overshadows any inconvenience of performing routine roof inspections. In fact, a number of roof repair companies specifically state that warranties are void if roof maintenance has not been carried out. Waiting a problem out also raises repair expenses so there’s no excuse to putting off any due repairs.

4. Reduced uplift wind resistance or blow-offs

Other problems that arise from poor installation are reduced uplift resistance. Poorly installed flashing can lead to open seams which can eventually lead to blow-offs and a multitude of other problems. Other issues that can cause similar problems are poor gravel embedment and skimping of fasteners on the base sheet whilst installing the roof.

3. Poor Repairs

You can totally exacerbate a small problem through improper repair. Sadly, many inexperienced or shady roofers use materials that weren’t intended for specific roof types. For example, using caulking and plastic roof cement on metal roofing will lead to wasted money and even worsen the problem.

2. Blistering

These are a loss of adhesion and lifting of roof ply or coating from its underlying surface leading to wart or blister like protrusions. Blisters can either be filled with water or air. Depending on the severity, some blisters don’t really need to be attended to. The best way to avoid blistering, and a plethora of other roofing issues, is to ensure the roof installation was handled properly.

1. Ponding Water

Leaving water to sit on your roof is a quick way to cause more problems. The Sun’s UV rays constantly bombarding your roof is made much more dangerous when it is compounded by sitting water. It can have particularly strong effects on asphalt based roofs. Removing the water isn’t enough; you need to investigate the underlying cause. Ensure that all drains and gutters are working properly to help avoid this issue.

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