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Rainfall and other weather conditions can slowly wear a building down. Minor shifts in weather can also be bad for the overall condition of your building. Anybody who wants to keep their building in good shape for the long term needs to make sure they know reliable commercial roofers. Leaks appearing in roofs becomes more and more likely the longer you go without proper maintenance. While most people do not even consider professional roofing services until the problem becomes visible, proper routine care is the best option in avoiding expensive repairs.

Severe weather conditions are one of the most common causes of damage to roofs. Though avoiding large scale structural damage can be prevented simply by following a few simple steps. Properly scheduled routine upkeep by licensed roofing contractors is necessary if you want to prevent leaks from forming. Annual inspections will be your best defense against any leaks forming. These annual checks will look out for:

  1. missing shingles
  2. damaged flashing
  3. cracks
  4. holes
  5. pipe leaks
  6. chimney or skylight problems
  7. gutter issues

Any of the listed problems can leave severe damage to a building. Routine inspections will find and repair these issues before they get out of control. Other conditions to be wary of include heavy snow, ice, or nearby trees causing debris. Minor problems can escalate more quickly than you think and can rack up costs even quicker.

Roof coverings should be treated an average of every 5 years depending on the weather conditions in your area. Most professional roofers include this service in their contracted maintenance plans.

Another vital part of your roof that deserves a lot of attention is the ventilation. Poor ventilation contributes to premature decay and is especially bad in areas with heavy rain. Leaky roofing with poor ventilation makes for an expensive disaster and should be addressed immediately.

Buildings that endure severe cold or extreme heat in specific times of the year are at risk of poor ventilation. Debris from trees should also be regularly removed in order to avoid a buildup of leaves and sticks around gutters and drains. Be sure to check after heavy storms as entire branches can get stuck on roofing. If left alone, they may begin to rot and increase the likelihood of exterior problems as they decay. Maintaining your exteriors on regular schedule will be much cheaper in the long run and will keep your building in good shape. Do It Yourself or DIY roofing can often be an option on the residential side, but for commercial projects it is best to call in the professionals.

Make sure you work with properly licensed, bonded, and insured roofing companies instead of falling to temptation and working with amateurs that offer cheaper services. Check for a company’s service record online to see if they have any good or bad reviews. A quick Google search will reveal online reviews as well as any complaints on the BBB. Also take the time to get different quotes from local roofers and see what your different options are when it comes to maintenance plans and their costs. Regularly scheduled maintenance by professional roofers will make sure your roof’s lifespan is lengthened and that your home will remain protected from the elements.

We would like to thank the Astoria Community Board (45-02 Ditmars Boulevard Astoria, NY 11105) for all their help in assisting local homeowners and contractors.

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